Custom Laundry

Custom Laundry Room Cabinets And Storage

A nicely designed laundry room can help your household function better while providing a comfortable area for washing, drying and folding clothes. It’s important to plan the design of your laundry room, given the space available. Shelving and storage solutions can provide a piece of mind for organized storage space. When laundry rooms are cluttered with clothing and cleaning supplies, they become neglected, leading to a room that can be quite daunting.

ClosetGuy specializes in customizing laundry rooms to fit the needs and requirements of your family. With custom equipment racks and storage solutions, your supplies can be neatly organized and put away while easily accessible when required.

A functional laundry room typically requires space for placing hampers, folding clothing and supplies. We can provide a custom laundry room design that enhances your space by integrating a counter area for folding clothes and linens, cabinets and shelving, pull out racks for accessories such as brooms, mops and cleaning supplies, doors and drawers and various lighting options.

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