Murphy Bed

Modern Murphy Beds & Wall Beds

Murphy beds, also referred to as wall beds are a creatively designed bedding system which is designed to save space within a room. The bed drops down from the wall and is usually used for guests. The Murphy Beds are elegantly designed with modern finishes and shelving that allows you to create a versatile room without needing extra space.

Murphy Beds are seen as great options to furnish condos, lofts, studios, guest rooms, and home offices. When the murphy bed is put away, it becomes a visually appealing cabinet however when you want to bring the bed out, just pull the handle and lower the support leg onto the floor. The process is effortless due to the way the Murphy Bed was designed.

Wall Bed Installation
The team at ClostGuy ensures that wall bed cabinet is properly and firmly secured to the wall. We custom design the anchoring system for our wall beds to ensure perfect functionality and so the screws are capable of supporting a force that is greater than the weight of the moving bed. This will ensure the Murphy Bed cabinet will stay securely in place.

Are Murphy Beds Comfortable?
We often get asked by clients whether Murphy Beds are comfortable. The answer is yes! Our wall beds incorporate features that are designed to increase a persons comfort while they are made to accommodate mattresses of various sizes and options. This allows you to invest in a mattress that meets your budget and requirements.

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