Often home owners find themselves short on closet space and in some occasions, the bedroom may not even have a closet. In instances such as these, a custom wardrobe closet is a perfect solution to provide clients with additional storage space.

ClosetGuy specializes in designing, fabricating and installing custom wardrobes that look attractive and provide great storage space for our clients. When a wardrobe is designed properly, it will blend seamlessly within your home décor while providing storage for your clothing and accessories. Selecting the right finishes and accessories, including doors and molding can provide your space with a functional storage option that is functional and beautiful.

A custom wardrobe can include various features and can be designed to meet the clients needs and requirements. Options such as hanging rods, shelving, drawers and other features can help maximize space and organization.
Drawers are an excellent option to providing storage within reach, while lighting helps enhance functionality and enhances the look and feel of the design of your wardrobe. Various options of lighting are available and can be used in combination such as LED lighting, strip lighting and puck lights.